What Sets us Apart in Developing STEM Professionals?

About T Shaped


What is "T Shaped"?

The concept of "T Shaped" ideally represents STEM professionals.

Imagine the structure of the letter 'T'.

The vertical bar of the 'T' symbolizes deep, specialized knowledge in a STEM field, while the horizontal bar represents the wealth of cross-disciplinary, transferable skills, competencies, and behaviors that STEM professionals have to offer when working across disciplines and sectors. It is those transferable skills that really make a difference in professional setting and career development.

The problem is that often times, transferable skills are not recognized and their development neglected.

That's why we are here to unlock, nurture, and amplify them for both professional development and team dynamics.

What Sets Us Apart:

🟩 Deeply rooted in STEM: Founded by a scientist for other STEM professionals. We truly understand what STEM needs

🟩 Evidence-based approaches: Combining organizational psychology and human behavior with hands-on experience

🟩 Bespoke solutions: Tailored programs addressing the specific needs of individuals and teams

🟩 Global network: Access to a diverse pool of expertise, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration

🟩 Client-centric: Our success is measured by the transformative impact on our clients' careers​​​

Selected List of Clients:


T Shaped was founded by Dr. Joanna Kaniewska, who holds a PhD in Medical Sciences. As a certified professional coach accredited by the prestigious Co-Active Training Institute, she is also licensed as an Insights Discovery Practitioner, Career Coach, and Positive Intelligence Coach.

Joanna has developed into an accomplished facilitator, designing and co-leading international leadership and coaching courses. Her approach is deeply informed by her experience and knowledge in personal and organizational change.

She is an active member of the International Coaching Federation and a Fellow at Harvard's Institute of Coaching. Joanna acts as the co-chair of the Young Women in Bio (YWIB) New York Chapter.

Her scientific interests primarily focus on genetics of cancer. Joanna's diverse background spans research, clinical trials, and science communication across academia, industry, and non-governmental organizations.

This unique blend of a robust scientific background and a commitment to people development places Joanna and T Shaped at the forefront of STEM talent development.



At T Shaped, we believe in the power of collaboration. Joanna occasionally partners with other coaches and talent development organizations. This collaborative approach allows to offer a broader range of perspectives and solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual and organization we work with. If you are interested in a partnership, please reach out.

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What T Shaped Clients Say:

  • T Shaped LLC

    Joanna is a leading professional in the field of coaching. Her focus on developing T-shaped individuals solves a key issue in the food system where too often there is a disconnect between the science & engineering, and how to achieve transformation towards sustainability across the siloes in the system. Joanna’s approach ensures that we equip more bright minds with the skills and mindsets to drive change rooted in science and engineering.

    EIT Food Director of Education

  • T Shaped LLC

    "The impact of Joanna's coaching sessions on my career was tremendous. When I signed up for coaching with Joanna, I was at a crossroads in my career, not happy where I am but at the same time not brave enough to take a leap of faith and move toward direction I really wanted to. Joanna was an immense support for me through that process, firstly by helping me being honest with myself and acknowledge what I want from my career and more importantly life, and then by encouraging me to realise I can do whatever I make my mind up to; actually making the career switch I did was greatly due to her valuable support throughout the process, and I cannot be more grateful to Joanna for that."

    Technological Engineer

  • T Shaped LLC

    "Before starting, I didn’t know I needed this challenge until I fully emerged into the sessions. I enjoyed that Joanna tailored the exercises to my way of processing information. It was so useful to remember the essence. Other techniques such as the value exercise, will stick with me for a long time. The five values I identified already helped me stay true to myself in many different contexts. Even if I felt stuck, we found ways to tackle the issue and I felt freer afterwards. Thank you, Joanna, for giving me the space to think and encouraging me to unlock the creative solutions that I had in me all this time."

    Health Promotor

  • T Shaped LLC

    "During the coaching with Joanna, I especially enjoyed the calm and reflective setting. Her approach allowed me to open up and better understand my core values and what is important to me. This led to concrete and actionable steps to becoming the person I want to be. Joanna's coaching is a remarkable and rewarding experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her."


  • T Shaped LLC

    Joanna has a kind approach intertwined with openness and patience. Her coaching has helped me become aware of my values and embed them in the decisions I was struggling or afraid to make. She helped me not only to realise what I can do to achieve my goals but also to do it. After 6 months, I can say that I feel more confident as well as grateful to have taken a part in her programme. I am sure I will be coming back to what I’ve learned many times in the future.

    Nutrition Scientist