I'm Joanna and I'm T Shaped

Same as you, trust me


Finding my career clarity took years. In the beginning, it was fun to explore nearly endless possibilities for graduates in genetics. Everyone was eager to help me make plans to become a renowned researcher with a Nobel Prize!

But the more qualified and experienced I became in academic circles and the more my expertise was acknowledged, the more I felt like chasing funding, feeling constant pressure to publish while having no stability is not for me. 

I jumped to a brand new career in science communication. This transition didn’t come without fear of: 

‘what will people say?’

‘am I sacrificing what I worked for years?’

‘am I closing the academic doors behind me?’ 

But I loved translating science into a human language, making it accessible to all. It finally felt like I’m making a difference.

But that’s not the end of my story…

Today I specialize in helping STEMM professionals find that much-needed clarity on what they truly want their careers to be, find confidence in themselves and courage to step into the future they secretly dream of (but struggle to believe it’s possible to have). Changing career paths is possible because we are T shaped and we have to own it.


Who is a T Shaped STEMMist?

An expert, highly qualified and rooted in a single field of STEMM and who also brings many other horizontal skills to the table and can work in many areas within and beyond STEMM.

At heart, I’m a proud scientist who has realised that loving science and working as a scientist are two different things.

What gave me the confidence to take a leap beyond science was understanding what truly matters to me, what drives me, what are my skills, strengths and weak points, and what I want to spend my days doing and how I want to feel afterwards.

Any coach can help you understand what’s important to you, your values and your purpose. But what’s different about me is that I know what’s out there.  I walked different paths in academia, industry and NGOs.I can help you understand your options, translate your skills and help you see what you can’t see yet.


I want you to find clarity on your STEMM path that fulfills, inspires you and pays!

And I know what’s holding you back (these thoughts were also holding me back):

I’m not going to apply for this job because I’m not qualified enough. 

I will have to start over!

I’m too scared of the unknown so I better stay where I am. It’s not great but it’s predictable.

What if I’m not going to like it and I won’t be able to go back to my previous role?!


When you let go of your fears, you can reach the next level in your personal and professional life.

And that’s what I want for you. Stop fears from getting in your way. Easier said than done but I know it’s possible and I know you can find clarity on your future career!  

Five key facts about me:

1. I have a BSc in Medical Genetics and a PhD in Medical Sciences

2. I am a Certified Professional Coach by a world-leading Co-Active Training Institute, Career Coach accredited via Fireworks Training & a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner

3. I am a member of International Coaching Federation & a Fellow of the Harvard's Institute of Coaching 

4. Throughout my scientific career I worked in academia, industry and NGOs

5. I co-lead and facilitate international leadership and coaching courses 

Stalk me on LinkedIn to for more details (I’m not judging)